Here are the questions we are commonly asked when people are booking. If you have any other questions after reading these, please email us at 

What do YOFI Paddlesports provide?(Click to reveal)

To complement our canoes we provide paddles, buoyancy aids , helmets (if appropriate) and water tight storage containers for car keys and electrical items. To complement our paddleboards we provide paddles, buoyancy aids and helmets (if appropriate). Wet suits for your paddleboard are optional and available to hire separately, if you would prefer to bring your own, please do. A full safety brief and points of interest will be given by a member of our team for all activities. Instruction for our SUP 'start up' is also available. We have a secure place for valuables.

When should I arrive?(Click to reveal)

We start each session promptly so please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the session to maximise your time for fun and adventure. As you may be with other people in your group, a late arrival will mean the session could have already begun and you will not be due a refund.

What should I bring?(Click to reveal)

Please bring clothes and footwear you don’t mind getting wet. Please dress for the weather and try to avoid cotton and jeans that are cold when wet. If it’s warm, bring a water bottle, sun cream and a hat. For after your session, a towel and dry clothes and footwear may be an idea. If you have a dry robe or spare dressing gown these are ideal to help cover blushes when changing!

Is there car parking on site?(Click to reveal)

Yes, there is free car parking on site. There are generally spaces but we can’t guarantee you one.

Where do we meet?(Click to reveal)

YOFI Paddlesports is based at Ye Old Ferrie Inn, Symonds Yat West – View on Map.

One of our team members will meet you at our mobile HQ which is a converted horsebox with our YOFI paddlesports logo on the side.

Please use Ye Old Ferrie Inn as your location on satnavs as the postcode can sometimes direct you to the wrong place!

Do I need to be able to swim?(Click to reveal)

With any water sport all we ask is that you’d be comfortable if you were to take a dip and able to swim 25 metres. You will be wearing a buoyancy aid so you don’t need to be a champion swimmer. We’ll check you’re confident in the water before we set off and our rescue-trained instructors will be on hand to help you if you’re struggling.

Are there changing rooms?(Click to reveal)

We have a building that you can change in, or the toilet facilities at Ye Old Ferrie Inn may be used.

What happens if I fall in?(Click to reveal)

You will get wet! The beauty of being on a SUP is that you just climb back on again! We’ll go through this before we get on the water for the first time. You’ll be attached to your board by a leash so just pull the board towards you and clamber back on. We do provide wet suits (additional charge) or you can bring your own, so you shouldn’t get too cold and being a physical activity you will soon warm up again if it does happen.

With our hourly canoe hire you will be briefed on 'how to paddle' and 'stay safe' and if there is a group of you with two canoes for example we can raft the canoes together for additional safety.

What happens if its raining or the river is too high?(Click to reveal)

We can usually go out in all weather. The only reason we’d call a session off is in severe winds, thunder and lightning or the river is too high and fast flowing. We take safety very seriously and if the river conditions are unsafe we will not take you out. We will endeavour to let you know as soon as possible if this is going to happen and discuss a time to reschedule.

Do you wear shoes to paddle board in?(Click to reveal)

Yes we do, you need to bring your own suitable shoes while paddling, these need to be closed toe and fastenable, such as old trainers. We wear shoes at all times whist on the river bank. This is because we cannot guarantee there will not be any sharp objects and we want to ensure safe practise is adhered to at all times.

How many people do you take?(Click to reveal)

We have ten canoes in total which will accommodate twenty persons per hour (2 persons per canoe) We have ten paddleboards available to hire by the hour or as part of our SUP 'start up'. If you would like to hire a canoe or board for more than an hour, please make sure this is done on the initial booking. Please take a look at our 'SUP start up' offer also when making your booking/s

What if I can’t make it & have already paid?(Click to reveal)

If you can’t attend the session you’ve booked and give us 48 hours notice we’ll make every effort to accommodate you on a future session. Because we may use freelance instructors we can’t refund or reschedule you if you can’t make it and don’t let us know 48 hours prior to the day of your session.

Is there somewhere to eat or drink nearby?(Click to reveal)

Absolutely! We are based at Ye Old Ferrie Inn which serves fantastic food and drink. Our sessions are timed to coincide with their food service times so contact them to book a table before or after your session.

What are your rules on alcohol?(Click to reveal)

Alcohol and watersports do not mix. No-one under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be allowed. If you arrive drunk for your session, we will not let you take part in any activity and no refund will be issued. We are not trying to be party poopers, but we take the safety of all our clients and staff very seriously.